Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

As a psychologist, when working with individual adults I use a collaborative, relational approach.

  • I understand that the difficulties you present with are complicated and rooted in multiples factors related to your sense of self, your interpersonal relations, past experiences, family history, and your current stressors.
  • I begin where you are emotionally and psychologically, and in a safe and respectful manner we explore and identify varying patterns in your life that have led to your current pain.
  • I facilitate your gaining a deeper understanding and insight of your challenges, and I provide support, guidance, and psychological tools to enhance your strengths and self esteem.

What to Expect from Individual Therapy

My task is to provide you with life-long understanding, tools, and internal change that will enhance your abilities to make better choices, empower you, and achieve recovery, healing, success, and fulfillment in permanent and profound ways.

As I help you create and develop coping skills, you will learn to successfully navigate through emotional challenges related to relationships, stress, conflict, anxiety, trauma, loss, and depression.

You will also learn to make better choices as you empower yourself and move towards healthier ways of being that will stay with you for a lifetime.

If you are in the San Diego, California area and are considering seeing a psychologist, I would be happy to discuss your particular issues and the support you need over the phone via an initial free consultation.  Call me at (858) 531-1122.  I look forward to speaking with you.