Family Counseling/Therapy

Sometimes families get ‘stuck’ in unhealthy roles, conflicts, and competing needs.  Instead of working as a team towards mutual goals and happiness, family members may become isolated, angry, or depressed as they are unable to achieve a balance between their individual needs, developmental changes, the family’s needs, and unexpected stressors.  Families are complex systems that require a unique understanding of the intricate play between multiple individuals.

How I Work with Families

My goal as a family therapist is to assist each family member in identifying their particular role and contribution to the family struggle, to gain insight as to how and why they adopted that unique role, the purpose it serves the family, and to learn the steps to change, adapt, and grow within the family system.

Together, we work on assessing and re-negotiating individual needs, and how they compete and conflict with other members’ needs.

We closely explore and learn to cope with developmental changes and stressors that are burdening the family system.  We also assess and correct communication styles that prevent healthy adaptation, and instead, learn to foster expression of care and concern for one another.

My goal is to work closely with each of you within the overall family unit to help create a collaborative, respectful, and healthy ‘team’, that can work together to achieve mutual success and happiness.

If you are in the San Diego, California area and believe I would be a good fit for your family, please contact me for help in getting your family back on track.