Evaluations and Diagnostic Assessments

To know and define the problem you are facing is the first step to recovery and healing.

Some individuals and families are unsure about the symptoms, and emotional and behavioral difficulties they or their child is experiencing.  Hence, they want to consult with an expert psychologist to better clarify and define the issues, and to obtain accurate and specific recommendations.

I conduct in-depth 3-5 session psychological evaluations and diagnostic assessments to clarify the specific areas of difficulties, the diagnoses related to presenting symptoms, and specific recommendations that could benefit you, your child, and your family.

Having worked in outpatient clinics, hospitals, schools, and private practice, I can meet the needs of clients struggling with a wide breadth of issues and concerns.  I can provide you with expert guidance on mood and anxiety, ADHD, academic and school difficulties, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss, attachment, adoption, parenting, and relationships.

I would like to assist you in clarifying the presenting problems, accurately identifying the issues in a clear and concise manner, and providing specific recommendations to guide you with the next step needed to benefit you, your child, or your family.

I make long and short-term treatment recommendations based on your presenting issues, stressors, coping mechanisms, and support systems.

Contact me for expert psychological evaluations and diagnostic assessments and let me help you get on the path to life-long success and growth.