Welcome to Dr. Maker’s Website

I am Azmaira Maker, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist (Psy 21570,) located in the Del Mar/Carmel Valley area of San Diego, California .  As your psychologist, I provide a variety of professional services.  I have expertise in challenges related to yourself, your relationships, your family, your children, and your career.

If you have experienced any significant loss, trauma, or stressor, or are experiencing anxiety and depression, conflicts in your relationships, or feel frustrated and helpless with parenting, I have the psychological tools and experience to help you.

If your children and teenagers are struggling with anger and sadness, academic and school difficulties, behavioral issues, eating difficulties,  stressful transitions, or developmental problems, I can assist you.

I provide valuable, expert consultations, evaluations, therapy, psychological and educational assessments, and group treatment based on your unique needs.  Our work together will focus on my providing you with the insight, tools, and strategies that will enable us to identify issues clearly, locate the areas of conflict, and develop interventions that will promote positive and healthy change.  My goal is to facilitate your abilities to gain a deeper, reflective understanding of your struggles, so that you can empower yourself, your child, and your family via profound, permanent changes in your life choices.

Choosing the right psychologist for yourself, your child and adolescent, or your family can be complicated.  You want to be sure that the psychologist has the expertise and experience, but also the right emotional and interpersonal fit for your unique needs and ways of being.

When you are ready to get help, I encourage you to contact me to get started in developing an effective and productive treatment plan for long-lasting growth and success. I look forward to meeting your specific needs now and in the future.